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IOR Valdada

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 12:38 pm
by forumadmin
I was looking for some new scope with higher magnificiation for a year, maybe longer. Considered many scopes live at the range, spend hours of watching video tests on youtube and always having the precisionrifleblog test in mind... I finally bought first of four needed scopes for my LR rigs.
Here is my new IOR Valdada 5,8-40x56 Crusader. I 'll mount it on my Sendero 300 WinMag and on the next Friday will go to range. Just two small photos for illustration:

The scope comes with solid rings, this baby has 40mm maintube. But later I will replace it with some monoblock mount with other 20 MOA inclination (I already have 20 MOA weaver on the rifle). More photo will follow after initial live fire testing.