Bullet sorting

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Bullet sorting

Postby lovec_SK » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:50 am

How do you sort yout bullets?

I have two measuring devices. First is TESA caliper with Hornady bullet comparator, the other one is Mitutoyo indicator with small solid steel bench.
Have measured the bullets I use for know... Most uniform by ogive length and weight was Lapua Scenar-L 7mm 180gr., followed by Berger Hybrid 7mm 180gr. Some dissapointment by Berger VLD Target 168gr., I sorted out three groups of 1000pcs., each group had 0,03mm difference compared to other group. This was one lot....
I've sorted also some 6,5mm bullets, best uniformity showed the rare Norma Golden Target 130gr (it looks like the copy of Berger VLD). Hornady A-Max and Sierra HPBT 142gr. MK was both the same... bad. Many differencies in ogive length, broken plastic tips, unusual weight difference (up to 4gr. by A-Max, but only 5-6 pieces of 600pcs.). I was positively positively surprised by Sierra HPBT 120gr., very very uniform ogive length, 99 bullets of 100 was inside 0,015mm.
Later I plane to sort out the rest of my 30 caliber bullets (Berger Hybrid 215gr. and Sierra HPBT 220gr.).

What is your experience?
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Re: Bullet sorting

Postby Deerhunter338mag » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:43 pm

I use to get worried about this and in the end it just did my head in. The only thing I worry about is making sure the Hole in the tip of the berger projectiles is deep and open. I lost a nice stag because I didn't make sure it was open and deep. The projectile just went straight through the stag. Was very painful and I check everyone now and only keep the good ones for hunting the rest for target work.
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Re: Bullet sorting

Postby squeek » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:01 pm

I weigh my bullets on an electronic scale with a resolution of 0.1 grain. Unfortunately I can influence the outcome by placing the bullets more or less gently on the scale, difference up to .2 grain. So that's a restriction in my instruments which I try alleviate by placing them as soft as possible on the tray. (I need a new scale)

Length is measured by an electronic caliper with the hornady bullet comparator, a setup like Lovec_SK as I understand.

Currently I have Berger 190grs VLD's, Sierra 165grs Gamekings, Hornady 168grs A-Max, Barnes 150grs TTSX and Barnes 190grs TTSX and I find uniformity best in Bergers and Sierra en worst in the Barnes's

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