Swarovski BTF ballistic turret flex

Swarovski BTF ballistic turret flex

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swarovskiSwarovski BTF ballistic turret flex is the most revolutionary hunting ballistic turret on the market. It is simple to use and can be mounted in seconds.

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BTF Ballistic turret flex

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Ships in 4-7 days

Swarovski BTF ballistic turret flex

As said before this is the most revolutionary hunting turret to date. There are quite lots of features that you will enjoy. First of all is that you don’t need to send the scope to the factory to install it or already order the scope with an installed turret. You just need a Swarovski Z8i scope that is all. When you get a BTF turret you need to unscrew the cap and push the BTF turret on. It is that simple yes. And the best thing is that if your rifle is zeroed this doesn’t compromise your zero, so once installed you are ready to use it.

There are 4 options to configure the turret. the first is with mil marks (70clicks). This is normally used by expert long range hunters.





The second option is with Swarovski traditional marking rings that can be manually adjusted to desired drop.

K15_BTF_mit_schmalen_Ringen K15_BTF_4_schmale_Ringe





Third option is that you get a customised ring for your load.





And the last option is actually meant to use the turret as a windage turret, where you use a ring marked with right and left corrections.





This turret can be mounted on all Swarovski Z8i scopes. For additional info feel free to contact us.

Don’t miss our series of videos if you need help configuring the Swarovski BTF