Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65

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Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65

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Reliable and robust – The Dialyt spotting scope was specially developed for hunters and shows its strengths even in the toughest conditions.
Quick and secure aiming – The Dialyt 18-45×65 is always ready for quick aiming or identification.
High-performance optics – With its wide field of view, high resolution and large magnification range you can identify even the finest details at the greatest distances.

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Zeiss Dialyt 18-45x65 Specifications

Manufacturer Zeiss
Spotting Scope Series Zeiss Dialyth
Body type Fixed
Variable magnification Yes
Minimal magnification 18x
Maximal magnification 45x
Lens diameter 65 mm
Min. exit pupil diameter 1.4 mm
Max. exit pupil diameter 3.6 mm
Minimal eye relief
Maximal eye relief
Minimal field of view 23 m/1000m
Maximum field of view 40 m/1000m
Minimal field of view (deg.)
Maximal field of view (deg.)
Min. field of view apparent
Max. field of view (apparent)
Closest focus distance 10 m
Twilight Factor
Relative Brightness
Light transmission
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Diopter range
Photo adapter -
Objective tread -
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Shockproof -
Floatable No
Temperature range
Filled with Nitrogen
Color Black
Length 395 mm
Width 76 mm
Objective diamater 78 mm
Eyepiece diameter
Eyepiece angle
Tripod adaptable Yes
Weight 1195 g
In production since
Warranty 10 years
Made in Germany
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Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65 – The game in focus

Hunting in mountains or wide open countryside requires lightweight equipment. However, in both situations the challenge for you and your scope is to ensure secure aiming at long range. For this reason the development of the Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65 “field spotter” concentrated on compact dimensions and lightweight construction as well as reliability and durability. Always in focus, you can rely on the field-proven reliability of this spotting scope in tough conditions for absolute precision in your game observation. The waterproof and condensation-free design makes the Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65 ready for use at any time – simply pull it from your rucksack and take aim. The ease of operation and the robust rubber armour that forms part of the classic Dialyt design complete the picture. All in all, this is the perfect companion for secure aiming at long range. A scope that will offer you detailed images without weighing you down on uphill climbs or long hikes.

Reliable and robust

The Dialyt spotting scope shows its strengths even in the toughest conditions. On long trips, in impenetrable terrain, when you need uncompromising reliability, a compact format and lightweight equipment, this spotting scope is bound to impress you. Its Monobloc construction makes the Dialyt field spotter very handy and utterly reliable whatever the weather.

Quick and secure aiming

The key factor in accurate aiming is the speed at which you can decide whether or not to make the shot. The more time you have to aim, the more secure you can be in your decision. The Dialyt 18-45×65 is therefore designed to help with quick aiming or identification, and is always ready for use. It is also long enough to be positioned with stability on a rucksack. The lens focussing and the alignment sight both help with rapid target acquisition. This eliminates the need to mount the scope on a tripod, which can waste valuable minutes.

High-performance optics

The target game does not usually pay any attention to the light conditions. The high-performance optical concept of the Dialyt addresses this fact successfully and offers bright, high-contrast images, even in early morning light or late evening twilight. This demands the latest multi-layer coatings, which enable you to carry on observing even in the most challenging conditions.
With its wide field of view, high resolution and large magnification range you can identify even the finest details at long range. This makes the Dialyt 18-45×65 the perfect spotting scope for alpine hunting and the ideal companion for observation in wide open spaces.

 Compact and lightweight

The lightweight, compact Monobloc construction makes the Dialyt 18-45×65 your ideal companion for deerstalking and alpine hunting, as it can be easily carried in your rucksack.
Fans of the great outdoors, walkers, sports marksmen and amateur astronomers will all benefit equally from the compact design of the Dialyt 18-45×65, which also makes it well suited for use as a secondary or travel scope.

 No condensation

A sealed, alloy housing filled with nitrogen prevents condensation from forming inside the Dialyt 18-45×65. As a result it is unaffected by wet and cold weather. Even sudden changes in air pressure will not affect the internal optics of the Dialyt 18-45×65 as the nitrogen filling protects it from condensation, meaning that it is always ready for use. This makes it especially useful for alpine hunting and gives it a huge practical advantage over shorter spotting scopes, which draw in air as a result of their structural design and are not filled with nitrogen. You can therefore rely totally on the function of your spotting scope, whether you are in the mountains or in flat, open countryside.

 Variable magnification

You can find your target quickly at 18x magnification thanks to the wide field of view and can then focus up to 45x magnification, making it possible to identify even the smallest details. This is due to the variable eyepiece with 18 to 45x magnification. You are rewarded with bright, sharp images.

Comfortable operation

The Dialyt spotting scope is particularly easy to operate, even when speed is of the essence: the device is always primed and ready. You can therefore be very flexible in your choice of position. Whether it is rested quickly on a tree or positioned silently on a rucksack, the compact spotting scope with alignment sight helps you to take aim at lightning speed.
The non-slip, shock-absorbing rubber armour means that you can operate it silently and easily, even with gloves on.

Tripod connection

Even though the Dialyt 18-45×65 sits well on your rucksack or on a tree, the device also has a tried and tested tripod connection. For long observation in the field you can position the spotting scope comfortably on one of our aluminium or carbon fibre tripods, or on a lightweight monopod. These can always be used when there are no natural resting places available, or when you want to observe over a longer period of time.