Headspace importance

Written by Tomaž Ražman Headspace is a really important factor while resizing our brass. Resizing can be done in a few different ways however I prefer the full length sizing better than neck sizing. Before going into the process I…

Ballistic coefficient
G1 vs G7 ballistic coefficient

What is the ballistic coefficient? Basically the ballistic coefficient(BC) is a measure of how well a bullet penetrates the air. It depends on bullet weight, cross-sectional area and form factor. BC is measured in lb/in². G1 vs G7 ballistic coefficient,…

9,3x62 effective range
9,3×62 effective range

Written by Robert Stokes Everyone agrees the 9.3X62 is an effective, authoritative cartridge at short to moderate range. It kills cleanly, conserves venison, and can be managed and shot well.  However, when it comes to extending the range, much less…