Headspace importance

Written by Tomaž Ražman Headspace is a really important factor while resizing our brass. Resizing can be done in a few different ways however I prefer the full length sizing better than neck sizing. Before going into the process I…

QL main page
Exploring QuickLOAD

So, you are interested in using QuickLOAD. Let’s look at some ways of navigating through the program and discussing what it can do. After the disclaimer, we will explore the main four windows: Cartridge Dimensions, Charge, Results and Diagram. We…

The best long range hunting bullet

Comparing bullets is almost as difficult as comparing rifles so don’t expect from me to tell you which brand or weight is better. What I will try to explain is how to find the perfect bullet for your specific combination….

Load development I
Load development part I – pressure test

Load development is really important for successful long range hunting or target shooting. A lot of people that hand load think, that they can buy precision with high end reloading equipment. Equipment is important but not nearly as important as…